Breast Implant Toronto has been one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the running. There has been a significant advancement in the implant procedure which has only added to its popularity. Sometimes, women choose to undergo a breast implant replacement procedure. This could be due to various reasons. It could be that they don’t enjoy the implants anymore or simply want to upgrade or remove them. There are times when this procedure is chosen because there are problems with the implant. The breast implant replacement plan is customized to help you achieve your goals. Here is all that you need to know about replacement surgery.

What happens during breast implant replacement surgery?

Various factors are taken into account when planning the surgery. It lasts for about 2 hours. If you pair it up with a breast lift, it will add to the procedure time. For the removal and replacement, the incisions are made either at the original incision site or in the natural breast crease, the inframammary fold (IMF). The incisions are made here because it provides better visibility and access. After the incision has healed, it is usually well-hidden and faint.

The surgeon often uses the En bloc implant removal technique. In this, the implant and surrounding scar capsule tissue are removed in one piece together. In case of the formation of tightened scar tissue in the ruptured implant, the surgeon will most probably remove the entire implant capsule. A capsulotomy is the other approach that is followed. In this, an opening is made to make room for the free movement of the new implant. Capsulorraphy is the third approach to breast implant replacement. This is technique is used for reducing the size of the implant pocket. The breasts move back to their ideal position. The approach used during the surgery is dependent on individual needs and anatomy.

When should one consider breast implant replacement surgery?

There is a misconception that the implant needs to be replaced every 10 years. However, the implants don’t come with an expiry date. They don’t need to be removed or replaced as long as they are intact and not causing any discomfort. Often people decide to undergo the replacement procedure because they want to change the way their breasts feel and look. In case of an implant rupture, you will need to undergo the replacement surgery in time.

You can consider undergoing the replacement procedure to increase or decrease the size and projection of the breasts. Often people choose to undergo the procedure to exchange the current implant and pair it with a breast lift to achieve contoured breasts. There have been significant innovations in the implants used. You can choose to undergo the procedure to upgrade the old implants for a new and safer ones. Changing the position from over or under the muscle can be done through this surgery. You can also choose to change the implant from silicone to saline or the other way around.