Life can be hard sometimes especially when you realize that we all put in the work at the gym but some people still come out with bigger and stronger calves.

Some are born into money, influence, and intellect; and we have the special set of people born with massive calves. The funny part is that some people might not spend as much time as you do in the gym and yet they have massive calves. But what happens when you don’t have the right genetics? does that mean you can’t build the amount of large muscle in your leg? No, it doesn’t.

According to Healthy Top 10s, in order to get stronger calves, you need to understand how powerful the calves are currently and protect your legs at all times. They are quite resistant to growth and every time you take a step to workout on your calves, it will resist you and this is not unrelated to the fact that they carry your body weight all day.

To make them stronger than they currently are, you need to attack them fiercely if they are to increase in size and strength. Truth is conventional training won’t do the job here, you need to be deliberate about your calves training regime.

Here are couple of methods for growing those stubborn calf muscles.

  1. Work on the maximum burn. Every night before you go to bed, do a set of 100 slow hard-squeezing standing calf raises with just your bodyweight, on top of your normal program. Go for maximum burn!
  2. Train your calves daily for a period of 30 days minimum before going back to your normal regime. You should plan for about 4-6 sets per workout but vary the exercises daily so you don’t get sore.
  3. Every time you encounter a staircase do a calf raise up each step. This is so critical. You need to get used to doing this as well. On the way down, step onto the ball of your foot, as this will act almost like a plyometric movement for your calves.
  4. Be a ballet dancer. One of the professionals who are known for stronger calves outside wrestling are ballet dancers They walk on their toes and keep the necessary stability needed thanks to their ability to walk around tiptoeing.
  5. Try 2 calf workouts per week, one with very heavy weights for sets of 4-6 reps and one with very light weights for sets of 25-50 reps. This will attack fibers that you probably have not been hitting with conventional workouts.
  6. Do like Arnold did and train calves in your bare feet (if your feet can handle it). This will increase the range of motion for any calf movement and will force a very intense contraction.