Whether you’re working out hard to counteract the relatively sedentary nature of the past year or the journey from your bed to your desk to your couch has become the totality of your daily step count, chances are you could use a massage. And in the latest episode of Good Moves, Chloe De Winter of Go Chlo Pilates demonstrates a 15-minute foam roller workout that doubles as a full-body rubdown that *hurts so good.*

If you’re not familiar, foam rollers are recovery tools used to release tightness and knots in the body’s tissue that result from injury, exercise, and lifestyle. In the video, De Winter uses a short foam roller, but she says you can use any type you like (heated, perhaps?).

“I love doing a foam roller workout—I’m genuinely addicted to using it because I do a lot of Pilates so I really rely on my roller to release some of that tightness that builds up,” says De Winter. “And with all of us working out and working from home…maybe you see a lot of tightness coming out. I want to try to use the roller to release some of that tightness as well.”

According to De Winter, it’s normal for one side of your body to feel tighter than the other, too, and she notes that her newest routine will help to address this natural phenomenon. “We have asymmetries in our bodies and often, one side can feel tighter than the other.” This imbalance, she says, can be impacted by the way you sit (e.g. which leg typically crosses over which the most) as well as the way you stand (e.g. sitting into one hip versus the other). “Just be mindful of these asymmetries in your own body as we learn more about our own bodies, our own postural alignment,” she says.

To rebalance your body doing a foam roller workout and, more importantly, give it much-needed TLC sans professional masseuse, press play on the video above now.