Of all the things you must remember to do when studying, keeping healthy and eating well are two of the main ones! I think sites like PaperLeaf can really help you in this area! You don’t want to let your health slip just because you’ve got a few essays to complete, and eating well can really help you when it comes time to focus on important tasks. Having said this, with all the stress of studying it can be hard to remember this in the midst of all the stress and studying. A lot of people fall into bad habits that can affect their studies and that also stay with them after they are finished studying. All you need to do is read these next few tips, try and implement them in your daily routine, and you’ll find your wellbeing increases exponentially!

Nuts are better than Chocolate

Yes, I’m afraid if you really want to make a difference to your health and diet, you’re going to have to cut down on that delicious treat known as chocolate. Though it may be very tasty, it is packed with sugar and calories and can serve to bring down your energy levels. Dark chocolate is a bit better, but both are still questionable elements of any good diet plan. But what can you replace chocolate with, what can you snack on when you are studying hard? The best suggestion would be nuts! They have a load of protein in them and can really help with that need for energy. Mix them up with some dried fruits like sultanas and raisins if you are craving something sugary!

Cut down on the snacking

When studying, it’s so easy to eat constantly throughout. Whether it be crisps or chocolate or sweets! Though it might be comforting, what this process actually does is disrupt the 3-4 meal basis that your body is used to. This can lead to you gaining a lot of weight as your body does not know when to regulate its processes. The best thing to do is to try and stick as tight as possible to the 3 or 4 meals a day. That is breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper! Of course you can snack in the day, but it should be something healthy like fruit!


No matter where you are studying, if you are revising dates in London, rehearsing a play in New York, receiving math help in Canada, the thing that can really make a difference is exercise. Studying can lead to a very sedentary lifestyle where you sit around a lot and don’t actually get a lot of exercise. As important as eating healthily is, exercise is the other major piece of the fitness puzzle. You need to make sure that you are giving yourself the chance to exercise properly every single day! A good way of doing this is to walk to and from school or university as walking is a great way of exercising and can do wonders when it comes to burning off the pounds! If you don’t really think walking is good enough, search up the local sports teams in your area, at your school or in your university. Being part of a sports team can really help you to exercise regularly and is a great way to socialize as well!

Cook your own food

It’s so easy to buy a takeaway or to eat out when you are studying a lot. But this sort of behaviour can not only lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, it can drain your finances really quickly! If you don’t know how to cook that well, there is no time like the present to start! Search up some easy recipes and get yourself in the kitchen. It’s quite cheap to prepare your own food, and it is often a lot healthier than eating out. Try cooking with your friends too, it’s a great way to socialize and make friends!

Just because you are studying, doesn’t mean you should let your waistband start to stretch! Try some of these tips today when you are studying and see how much better you feel when you are not munching on chocolate or chowing down on takeaway every night!