The exercise which has been given the name of plank may seem effortless and easy but once you do them, you will know that they are far from it. This is an endurance exercise which helps in toning and strengthening the abdominal muscles, back and hips. Plank came from traditional yoga and it has been adapted to offer benefits which usually deal with keeping us physically fit and strong.

Planks, as per fitness experts, are a great exercise for the entire body and it is effective, efficient and can be done at any place. You can do it in such a manner that it fits any level of fitness. So, irrespective of whether you’re looking forward to get a beach body or tightening up the midsection, planks are always the best option. Here are few benefits of planks.

Planks tone your core

When you perform a plank, it engages each of your core muscles and hence they play a vital role in tightening and toning the belly in a way that is better than what crunches can do. Crunches usually engage the upper section of your core while planks, on the other hand, engage both the lower and upper abs. So, if you’ve got love handles, bid them goodbye forever. In order to get a flat tummy however, you would also require eliminating your belly fat. As long as the benefits of planking are concerned, burning off fat and toning your abs are nothing but just the tip of the iceberg.

Planks reduce backache 

Since planks strengthen your core muscles and also tighten your abs, they can easily lighten the load from your back muscles and also get them into shape. So, if you can perform a plank in a proper manner, it can reduce a strained back, especially when you’re at a rest position. If you wish to strengthen your back and diminish your back plan, you should definitely try planks.

Improves posture, balance, and flexibility

When you boost the tone of your core muscles, you should understand the benefits throughout your body. Not only does the plank reduce pain and build strength but it can also make your entire body more flexible. They help boost your balance and create a straight posture through your spinal cord, whether in a standing or a seated position. Planks can be incorporated into your workout routine to improve your posture.

Planks can be modified for various levels of fitness

The best part about planks is that they can be modified endlessly and hence people with different levels of fitness can try them. There is a plank position for beginners and people with modified forms can do a varied plank form.

If you’re wondering about the different ways in which plank can help your body, take a plank challenge at Do it in a proper manner so that you reap the utmost benefits.