I enjoy nothing more than a great spin class. The instructor guiding us through sprints and hill climbs is quite exhilarating. After a 30 minute class, I am drenched from standing sprints and hill climbs. My muscles ache when I wake up in the morning, but it is well deserved. I try to get the most out of my workouts by just challenging myself each and every class. No cheating and no Debbie Downers allowed. Here are some of my methods for getting the most out of your cardio workout.

  1. Stag or Drag

The question for me is to go alone or with a friend. Some of my friends have the same workout motivation that I have. We can push each other during a fat burn class or encourage each other during a 5K. If you know, your friend is good for that then bring them to a different class. I advise you to keep friends at home who are not as disciplined when it comes to working out. I was at an abs class one time, and a group of university girls was there laughing and giggling. I could not concentrate and was not happy with my work ethic during the class because they did not do the exercises as instructed. Be careful who you sit by and who you bring to class. It can make or break the experience.

  1. Glozine Lifestyle Fitness

Glozine Lifestyle Fitness is an global online magazine with a great lifestyle and fitness section. It has different blog posts for you to follow that encourage yurt everyday best in health and wellness. Earlier today I was reading about Atlantis Boot Camp and their Lifestyle Training. Great encouragement or people who are looking into getting the most out of their cardio workout class.

  1. Get that Heart Pumping

There are so many things you can do during a cardio class to get your heart pumping:

Include sprinting intervals. You will not only burn more calories, but you will also become faster, stronger and reduce belly fat.

Use your arms. It helps you to run faster and helps you get more out of a cardio class like Zumba or aerobics.

Lengthen your workout. Start by 30 minutes and extend it by 5 minutes every 2-3 days. The longer you go, the more calories you burn.

Strength training. Who said running is the only type of cardio you can do? Strength training has you work out for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. During those 20seconds you are supposed to challenge your body. Go for it with push ups and burpees.

Mix your cardio. You and your body will get bored if you run every day or spin each day. Even change up your instructor to change the scenery. Your body needs new challenges, not the same old thing every day.

Challenge yourself. Run with your knees higher or cycle standing instead of sitting. These little pushes are great and encouraging.

  1. Joint pain relief

After those big pushes, you are probably looking for joint pain relief. It is important to take time off from working out to keep your body in tune. For those days in which you push yourself to the limit, I recommend using icy hot or a patch with heat relief for your joints and muscles. You do not need to take pain killers if you do not want your body to take anything un-natural. Just go out and purchase a heating pad or jot water bottle and apply it to the affected area. Your muscles will be quite thankful. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a good bath. It my personal favorite.


From reading, to exercise recommendations to post-workout relief to attending classes, you are all set for your next gym session. Remember bring a friend who encourages you, not brings you down. Check out Glozine’s lifestyle and fitness section and take care of those achy muscles and joints with heat or a nice soak. You can go to shops like Lush and find the perfect post-workout bath bomb for an extra reward for a great cardio session.

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Margaux DiazMargaux Diaz is Health and Fitness Expert. She has completed her Master’s Degree in Biotechnology from the university of Southern California. She is an inspirational writer who firmly believes in the power of self-motivation. She is also a contributor author at Consumer Health Digest since five yeas. To get more tips regarding health and fitness connect with her on Facebook , Twitter and Google+