For a yoga enthusiast, it is very distressing to see kids as young as eight unable to sit effortlessly on the floor and reach their toes. Spending hours engrossed on the computer or on the couch watching TV has already tightened their muscles. The story of adults is even graver because of thousands of hours spent behind the office desk and the consequent tight hamstrings.

When you look at the effects of our sedentary lifestyles and consider what yoga is capable of, you might just start these stretches. I will give you three reasons why you should not even hesitate to take this popular fitness route.

First Reason: Better Posture

Did you know that posture could affect the way people perceive you? Studies also show that posture could influence a person’s physiological well being, for instance the level of testosterone, an example of a power hormone. This study conducted by Amy Cuddy also discovered that a good posture could reduce stress hormones such as cortisol. If these physiological changes are reflected, people will definitely judge you accordingly.

People are struggling with many posture problems. The most rampant and worrying ones are around the mid-back, anterior pelvic tilt, posterior pelvic tilt, and the gait cycle. These posture problems make victims unsteady as they walk, cause a flattened behind, loss in height, and so on. I’m sure you would not want to have descriptions like these. That is why I encourage you to try out some yoga exercises. Why yoga? There are several yoga poses that you can do and be amazed at how your posture improves. Here they are five of them:

  • Mountain pose
  • Cat cow pose
  • Downward facing dog pose
  • Bow pose
  • Warrior pose

Second Reason: Sleep Better

Millions of people globally are suffering from sleeplessness, so it is not a surprise if you have this condition. Sleeplessness is not just about grumpiness and tiredness. Researchers believe it could also lead into depression, among other health issues. The good news is that yoga can help you enjoy your sleep and improve your health.

Any yogi will confirm that sleeplessness is a rarity for those who practice yoga. It is obvious why this happens. Breathing and stretching properly creates the ideal calming effect for a sound sleep. Good sleep is a result of a clear mind, painlessness and clear mindedness, conditions that all yogis enjoy.

Third Reason: Weight Loss

The first lesson for any weight loss candidate is based on the philosophy of “energy in, energy out”. While you will not lose loads of calories through yoga, the exercises can encourage weight management.

First, it reduces stress hormones and so reduces instances of stress eating. Humans are known to eat largely based on emotions. You have probably seen a stressed out friend comforting themselves with chili cheese fries. Yes, there are many ways of countering stress, but all of them require a bit of practice. Yoga is excellent in this aspect because it is largely about practice.

In yoga, you will learn to accept feelings even if they are uncomfortable. You will also appreciate mindfulness and subtlety as far as the body is concerned. Following body cues whilst on the mat will translate to how you relate to fullness and hunger.

Another important lesson in yoga is the importance of honoring the body. Because you will feel less shameful or hateful of yourself, stress eating will be non-existent so you will take in fewer calories.

Now you know why Yoga is growing in popularity across the globe. You need it. With 200 hr yoga training, you can feel much better about yourself and the world will know because you will be more confident and healthier.


Author Bio:

Tanuj Chhabdiya is a lifelong fitness enthusiast and self-proclaimed yogi that loves helping people find the perfect fitness plan for their lifestyle and needs.