My name is Alyssa Coulas and I’m a CSEP certified personal trainer, fascial stretch therapist and registered yoga teacher.

I found powerlifting about three years into my fitness journey. Previously, I had been working with a trainer to lose weight which I achieved. I don’t have the body type to be able to compete in figure or bikini competitions and so I felt like I was training with no goals. I was never fully satisfied with the way my body looked, as much as I lost weight, I still found issues with my body. My legs were still too chunky, my shoulders too broad, my hips too wide. It was infuriating because there is no way to change your bone structure.

Powerlifting changed all of it. Finally the appearance of my body didn’t matter, if anything it benefitted me. My big legs allowed me to squat and deadlift more weight, my broad shoulders helped me bench press more weight. Not only that but my body changed, I got more muscular and toned, and my confidence went through the roof. I realized that there is more to my body than the way it looks; it is capable of so much.

When you walk onto the platform on meet day, it doesn’t matter how much weight you’re lifting. Every single person in the building is screaming your name, pushing you to succeed. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what team you’re on, what you look like, or even how much weight you’re lifting. Everyone wants you to be successful. I’ve seen people come out and lift the bar and everyone cheered just as loud as someone who broke a world record. There is nothing like the sport of powerlifting in that regard. It is the most welcoming community and I have made lifelong friends through the sport.

My goal as a personal trainer and coach is to help people find the confidence I found with powerlifting. I want people to realize that there is more to fitness than looking a certain way, it’s about loving your body for what it can do and realizing that you’re helping your body by being active. There is no “ideal body” to strive for because everyone’s body is perfect and capable of so much more than looking a certain way. In the new year I will be starting an introductory powerlifting workshop with the goal of helping people realize this, while learning a new skill and hopefully fall in love with the sport like I did.

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