Self-isolation with no boundaries

I’ve decided to write a blog on this topic this as I realised most of my clients are adjusting this new lifestyle of having to work from home. Not going to lie, it was great during the first two weeks, waking up in PJs and doing work from the dining room, straight after breakfast.

But I realised that this isn’t a healthy habit and started to lose focus relatively quickly, leading to an unproductive day. After a quick brainstorm, I set myself 8 easy habits or tips for myself to make working from home more productive, enjoyable and healthy. Give them a try and challenge yourself to set boundaries and create habits.

#1. Don’t start your workday in your pj’s

Don’t Start Your Workday in Your PJs

It is all too easy now to become a little bit lazier. Roll out bed, grab a coffee, eat breakfast and open your phone leading you to end up doing work and next minute and it’s 12pm and you’re still in your pajamas. We need to kick start or morning with the right routine. Being in your Pajamas isn’t going to help you be in ‘Work Mode”.

Do you wear Pajamas at work? Basically, although you are working from home, get into work mode by showing up for it dressed properly.

#2. Build a Permanent Workspace

Build a Permanent Workspace

Set boundaries and designate an area of your home, specifically for getting work done.

This could be an empty or spare bedroom that you convert to a home office. If you can get a window view in your home, even better! Sunlight does wonders! Set up that space with your desk for your computer and office supplies and you’re good to go!

#3. Set Real Work Hours

Set Real Work Hours

The beauty of working from home. AUTONOMY! You set your working hours and your own to do list. So, if you feel the most productive in the morning (Perhaps before the entire family wakes up), why don’t you to try working from 7am – 3pm. And once 3pm hits, stop working.

I know it will be challenging to stop at this time but treat it like a real workplace. This way if you know have designated 7am -3pm, you must get your work done during that time. Enforce a hard limit at the end of the day. Distance yourself from work, so you don’t work nonstop.

#4. Set a Morning Routine and Stick to It

Set a Morning Routine and Stick to It

How was this routine like before all this self-isolation kicked in? Stretch, breakfast, morning coffee and work. The only difference from how it was before is that you don’t have to rush out and commute to the office.

Make the effort this time to prepare breakfast every morning instead of skipping it. Seize this situation to get into the routine of making breakfast and incorporating some morning stretches.

#5.Exercise & Stretch Regularly

Now that you don’t have to rush in between meetings or commute to work, it means, you potentially have an extra hour open. What better way to replace it than preparing breakfast and introduce a new exercise routine? Being stuck on the office chair for most hours is not healthy for your back and body posture. If your day allows, take a lunch break and go for a walk, complete a quick bodyweight circuit or stretch.

Need a hand with workouts? Sign up for my Lawless Health app 2 weeks trial that entitles you to full access to the app. More details here.

#6. Eat Healthy Meals and Snacks


When we work at the office, there are more options of whatever is available at the cafeteria or whatever we brought home from lunch, and for some of us, skipping lunch entirely because of back to back meetings.

But now that the kitchen is just 5 steps away, you have the power to stop buying unhealthy snacks and incorporate healthier meals into your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Reward yourself with a sweet snack on Friday after a successful and productive week! They key here is portion control!

#7. Make time for your love ones


If you can stick to your office hours that you are golden in this tip. But if you are struggling to stop working. Then how about switching your focus on those around you who are in the same isolation situation as you are.

Having access to work right at the of our fingertips makes it so easy to neglect others. Use this as an opportunity to spend extra time with your love ones in the same household. Call a friend every now and then to catch up.

#8.Create a Vision board

vision board

Were you just in the midst of planning for business or life before all this happened?

Don’t let the past stop you from moving forward.

A vision board is a great way to see the overall picture, have a Plan A and B. That way when everything settles down, you are ready to get back up and work on those goals.

During this tough times, we should see the positive side of all this. We have more time to slow things down and take care of our own health and wellness. Start making the change to lead a healthier lifestyle. Why wait for tomorrow when you can show up for today.

Posted with permission from Lawless Health